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Letters — Supporting the Secular State

"People have the right to believe in whatever they wish, and such freedom exists only in countries which uphold the ideal of separation of church and state."…

Book Distribution

85.5 Million Prabhupada Books in Print (1979)

85.5 Million Prabhupada Books in Print (1979)

Last year the printing total surpassed the previous year's total by thirty percent, and BBT books appeared for the first time in Danish, Greek, and Kannada (a…


Sweet Waters Festival New Zealand 1982

Sweet Waters Festival New Zealand 1982

Pastureland next to the Waikato River (south of Auckland) was transformed into a tent-and-caravan metropolis. Seventy thousand young people were basking in perfect weather at the annual…


Economic Sanity

Unemployment. Inflation. Recession. High interest rates. Mounting personal, national, and international debt. Depression. The litany of economic woes pours from television, radio, and printed page, and no…


The Yoga Dictionary

The Sanskrit language is rich in words to communicate ideas about spiritual life, yoga, and God realization. This dictionary, appearing by installments in BACK TO GODHEAD, focuses…


London Chariot Festival

London Chariot Festival

Last summer, thousands of tourists sightseeing in the center of this city may have been more than a little surprised to see a forty-foot-high, gaily decorated chariot…

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