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Become Friends With the Devotees–Letters

After becoming friends with the devotees, my whole outlook on life has changed for the better. If people would just try to become friends with the devotees…

Book Distribution

85.5 Million Prabhupada Books in Print (1979)

85.5 Million Prabhupada Books in Print (1979)

Last year the printing total surpassed the previous year's total by thirty percent, and BBT books appeared for the first time in Danish, Greek, and Kannada (a…


Holy Rathayatra San Francisco 1969

Holy Rathayatra San Francisco 1969

Suddenly a frenzied storm of 10,000 young chanters startled San Francisco. A sea of people poured around the corner of Haight and Ashbury Streets in the dazzling…


Transcendental Methods for Controlling Stress

Learning how to cope with stress in daily life is not a newly discovered gift from modern psychologists. Mental illnesses from anxiety, as well as expert cures…


The Transcendental Sound Vibration

As sound is the cause of this material world, it is also its destruction. That same sound which destroys this cosmic manifestation elevates one to the spiritual…


Indira Gandhi Accepts Bhagavatam

Indira Gandhi Accepts Bhagavatam

"Hare Krsna," the prime minister said, and Haridasa dasa, the first Muslim to become a Hare Krsna devotee in India, presented her with part three of the…

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