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Everything Belongs to Krishna? — Letters

In "The Vedic Observer" section of your October issue you say that since everything belongs to the Supreme Person, we're thieves if we claim anything belongs to…

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85.5 Million Prabhupada Books in Print (1979)

85.5 Million Prabhupada Books in Print (1979)

Last year the printing total surpassed the previous year's total by thirty percent, and BBT books appeared for the first time in Danish, Greek, and Kannada (a…


Here Comes Jagannatha

Here Comes Jagannatha

Here Comes Jagannatha, Jagganath Car Festival, Central Park, New York City New York, July 7, 1968. Black and White Photos.…


Conception of Universal Brotherhood

Where we speak of universal brotherhood it must comprehend all brothers and not such brothers and allies as are accepted by the politician who have always some…


How to Broadcast the Teachings of Bhagwat Geeta

Saintly politicians of modern age like Mahatma Gandhi and others inspired by the teachings of Bhagwat Geeta, although imperfectly, have tried to lead such politicians of demoniac…


New Temple for ISKCON Vancouver

New Temple for ISKCON Vancouver

After five years of patient effort and a heroic last-minute marathon, the devotees of the ISKCON center in Vancouver have completed building an ornate Vedic-style temple for…

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