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The Anatomy of the Self

The Anatomy of the Self

I remember we played for hours, taking him apart and piecing him back together. In the process we were learning about our own bodies—the heart, lungs, brain,…


The Chariots Roll Again

The Chariots Roll Again

We grabbed the chariot ropes and pulled Krsna, and He pulled us along with Him. Krsna's chariot rolled on and on, and the waves of chanting and…


Krishna: The End of Knowledge

Today, for the majority of students attending universities and institutions of higher learning, the question of the end of knowledge, the destination of the long pursuit, hardly…



INTRODUCTION TO BHAGAVAD-GITA An introduction to Geetopanishad, the Bhagavad Gita as It Is. Swamiji is presently working on a complete translation of the text of the Gita.…


Notes from the Editor

“Did Shakespeare Know the Lord?” Joseph Gallagher, a liberal clergyman serving in Baltimore, is the author of Diary of a City Priest. In his chronicle for 1979…

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