Survival in the Nuclear Age

So God’s role in preventing a nuclear holocaust is not peripheral—it is crucial. Humankind, having created such a disastrous situation, should study God’s instructions in the revealed scriptures and try to understand how to rectify their mistakes.

Can War Have God’s Sanction?

The news reports of the Falkland Islands War revealed that both Britain and Argentina were confident that God was on their side. During Pope John Paul II’s visit to England, millions of Britons cheered him and prayed with him for peace.

The Myth Of The Innocent Citizen

The Myth Of The Innocent Citizen

The central myth of the whole nuclear disarmament movement—the innocent citizen. These “innocent citizens” surmise that if they can just get Ronnie and Leonid to sit down together the U.S. and the Soviet Union could bury the nuclear hatchet.

Poland’s Double Darkness

General Jaruzelski had just clamped down martial law on Poland, at the instigation and with the undercover help of his Soviet bosses. (There were even reports that some of the “Polish” troops we’re actually Russians in Polish uniforms.) Solidarity was virtually crushed.

“BACK TO GODHEAD” — The Purpose of the Magazine

My duty will be simply to repeat in the “BACK TO GODHEAD” just like an interpreter what I have heard from and what I have been ordered to deliver by my great spiritual master H.D.G. Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Prabhupada. Nothing will be manufactured by me by my mental concoction. Such words will descend as Sound Transcendental and when they are given proper serving reception by the aural channel, surely they will act like medicine to carry all back to home and “BACK TO GODHEAD.”

Nonviolence or War

Nonviolence or War

War is inevitable: an eye for an eye, dog eat dog, kill or be killed. Human history is a history of wars. Lust, anger and greed run amok in our minds, and for the sake of power and increased facilities for sense gratification, we become less than the animals.

A Krsna Conscious Response to Terrorism

A Krsna conscious analysis of terrorism shows sectarianism to be the common denominator of the widely varied terrorist groups. Ignorant sectarianism, churned into hate by people already accustomed to violence, produces terrorism.

Nuclear Bombs: The Dangers Of Rabbit Consciousness

A huge cross section of the earth’s population, both in nuclearly armed and conventionally armed nations, now feel shock and outrage at the current overmilitarized condition of the world. Why did we ignore this nuclear insanity for so long?