What Krsna Conciousness Means to a Secular Youth

A young reader of Back to Godhead expresses his realizations. by Christopher Stewart What is the purpose of living? Why are we here, and what should we do with our lives? These questions often plague the minds of youth. In America, where materialism is especially widespread, alienation from purposeful living is quite frequent. As a […]

The Vedic Observer

Transcendental Commentary on the Issues of the Day An Eye For A Nose by Sita-devi dasi “What if scientists could distinguish scents with their eyes?” queries a recent report in one popular magazine. Researchers, the article goes on to explain, are trying to do just that. By using electrical and chemical sensors that mimick the […]

Nonmechanistic Science

Nonmechanistic Science

Science conceives the brain to be the seat of all mental functions. According to Bhagavad-gita, however, the mind has an additional component (known in Sanskrit as manah, or “material mind”) that is distinct from both the brain and the conscious self.

Nuclear Near-Disaster — The Vedic Observer

That nuclear reactor on Three Mile Island is acting up. It’s been leaking radioactive steam since early Wednesday morning—the largest leak in history. And now they just found a gas bubble inside the thing, and they say if it doesn’t cool off, the gas might blow up.

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