The Saga of Lord Rama

ISKCON Television shot a video of Lord Rama’s pastimes. Under the direction of Nrsimhananda dasa ITV staged an all-devotee Ramayana at the Hare Krsna movement’s New Vrindaban farm community in West Virginia.

Two Faces of Krsna

“Time I am, destroyer of worlds.” These were Lord Krsna’s words to His personal friend and devotee Arjuna, who had been filled with awe upon seeing the Lord’s visva-rupa, His all-powerful universal form.

The Meeting of Radha and Krsna

The Meeting of Radha and Krsna

The spiritual love epitomized in the meeting of Radha and Krishna resembles the attraction between a young man and a young woman, it is generally misunderstood by those who try to fathom it without reference to the Vedic sastra or revealed scriptures.

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