When Legislation Fails

The election year has ended, but the debates continue. And one of the most controversial issues is the role of religion in government. The Hare Krsna movement takes no side in the political battle, but it can offer thoughtful advice to help solve a complex problem.

The Poor Little Rich World

There are sufficient resources in the world to support the human community. And, as we go into 1969 with all our schemes for the relief of poverty and suffering, we may also ask what “rich” means, what “poor” means, what “happy” means, what “wretched” means…

Confronting The Politics of Atheism

As Marx observed, when we deny God is the ultimate proprietor, master, and friend, the powers and privileges normally recognized as His are up for grabs. And they are grabbed by men who use the advantages of absolute power for their own corrupt, selfish purposes.

Elections: Changing Guards

The trouble with elections is they give us the sensation things have changed because our representatives have changed. Year after year, century after century, institutions, administrations and world leaders come and go while the common never gets what he wants: satisfaction.