On Jesus Christ — Letters

In the October issue of BTG, the “Yoga Dictionary” made a careless definition of Christ. It was stated, “The Bible speaks of Jesus Christ as the son of God, and the Vedic scriptures speak of Lord Krsna as God Himself. So Jesus Christ is the son of Lord Krsna.”

On Rabbi Kushner’s book again… – Letters

After reading Ravindra-svarupa dasa’s article on Rabbi Kushner’s book Why Bad Things Happen to Good People, one really begins to wonder how someone who’s supposed to have some religious responsibility to others can get away with ideas like those put forth in his book.

Articles about Black Devotees? — Letters

I would like to know why you never seem to write articles on Krsna consciousness in the black community? I’ve seen so many talented black devotees. I feel you owe it to yourselves to do some articles about them.

Who am I? Where do I come from? — Letters

I read with interest some of the books sold by your vendors, and I would like to ask the following questions: Who am I? Where do I come from? What is the purpose of my existence? How can I get out of the cycle of repeated birth and death?

Letters — on Parthenogenetic Reproduction

Fertilization also activates the egg, initiating its development. However, a variety of artificial stimuli, including the prick of a needle—none of which contributes new material or new information to the egg cell—have been shown to activate eggs.

How was Man Made? — Letters

Modern scientists invent many theories about creation, but because material scientists are limited and defective in so many ways, none of their accounts are trustworthy.

Letter on Raja Yoga

I read in Back to Godhead that the practice of Raja Yoga is “unsuitable for the present age.” Well, it’s not. Just a little of the Raja Yoga practices can lead to advancement, as I can attest.

Letters on Back to Godhead Magazine

Your staff should be very proud of your achievements on this magazine. I salute you all for creating something worthwhile to read in this time of violence and madness. I also salute you for carrying on the work that Lord Chaitanya started centuries ago!

Letters on India

Once again, your latest edition of BACK TO GODHEAD was a smasher. I read it through with tear-filled eyes. Especially, the article “Impressions of India” was a most moving and accurate account of “Indian” attitudes toward life.

Letters — Is Hare Krishna a destructive cult?

In Washington, D.C., on August 20th, a call-in radio show hosted Jean Merritt, who says that the Hare Krsna movement is a “destructive cult” with dubious religious status whose members are taught not to think for themselves.

The Philosophy of Science — Letters

The theory of evolution is only a reflection of a much broader philosophy—the philosophy of materialistic science. It is this philosophy that is the cause of many people’s rejection of any theistic religion and that must therefore be exposed as inferior to belief in God.

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