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Are you a good listener? — Notes from the Editor

In human society those persons who are materially engrossed, being blind to the knowledge of ultimate truth, have many subject matters for hearing.…

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85.5 Million Prabhupada Books in Print (1979)

85.5 Million Prabhupada Books in Print (1979)

Last year the printing total surpassed the previous year's total by thirty percent, and BBT books appeared for the first time in Danish, Greek, and Kannada (a…


New York City Festival Diary — Notes from the Editor

At Fifty-ninth Street and Fifth Avenue the chariots are waiting. Forty feet high with spires atop. I bow to the statue of Srila Prabhupada which sits…


Decent, Hardworking “Misled” People — Notes from the Editor

A regular occurrence around here is that each year the local newspaper carries an article commending us for our hard work and decency but condemning us for…


Hare Krishna Devotees Spread Aloha Spirit

Hare Krishna Devotees Spread Aloha Spirit

Hare Krsna devotees recently took part in the gala floral parade celebrating Hawaii's Aloha Festival. In tune with the festival's theme ("Music, the International Language"), they chanted…

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