The Intruder

One pleasant spring night Krishna and Balarama entered the forest of Vrndavana to enjoy the company of the gopis, Their cowherd girlfriends. Suddenly, there appeared … The Intruder

Baseball, Caste, and the Whole-Hog Syndrome

Confusing “cast” with “caste” is an innocent error, but mistaking Lord Krsna’s varnasrama system for an oppressive, hereditary class structure is a far more serious blunder. By Mathuresa Dasa Baseball, to most anyone’s mind, has little in common with the Indian caste system, which rigidly divides society into four hereditary classes. But for me there’s […]


“We’re practicing yoga.” “Yoga? You call this yoga? Chanting and dancing, playing on drums and hand cymbals, passing out magazines and sweets—all in one big group?” “Absolutely! Yoga means ‘to link with God,’ and this congregational chanting of God’s names.

A Special Kind of Vegetarian

Devotees of Lord Krsna are a special kind of vegetarian. While we are certainly quick to point out the health and economic advantages of our vegetarian diet, such concerns are, frankly, secondary. We eat the way we do because this diet is recommended by the Supreme Lord Himself.

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