Poland’s Double Darkness

General Jaruzelski had just clamped down martial law on Poland, at the instigation and with the undercover help of his Soviet bosses. (There were even reports that some of the “Polish” troops we’re actually Russians in Polish uniforms.) Solidarity was virtually crushed.

How was Man Made? — Letters

Modern scientists invent many theories about creation, but because material scientists are limited and defective in so many ways, none of their accounts are trustworthy.

Every Town and Village

A look at the worldwide activities of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Radio ATMA on the Air in Paris Paris—The International Society for Krishna Consciousness now broadcasts music and discussions on spiritual themes to the Paris area. Taking advantage of President Mitterand’s policy of open access to the airwaves for private groups, devotees […]

The Yoga Dictionary

The Sanskrit language is rich in words to communicate ideas about spiritual life, yoga, and God realization. This dictionary, appearing by installments in BACK TO GODHEAD, will focus upon the most important of these words.