Can You Dream Hare Krishna?


by Satsvarupa Das

Yes this Hare Krishna
if you practice in dream
that you are chanting Hare Krishna
you are dancing in the temple
you are seeing Lord Jagganath
you are seeing Krishna
you are talking with Swamiji
or your friends, it is simply practice.

Just like a businessman sees in a dream
he is dealing with some customer. Why?
The whole day he has done that.

The whole day and whole night
if you engage simply in chanting Hare Krishna
you will be in Krishna Consciousness
very easy.

versified by Satsvarupa Das Brahmachary

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3 responses to “Can You Dream Hare Krishna?”

  1. The whole day I never changed hare Krishna, but in dream an elderly lady came out from temple’s sanithi and started chanting Hare Rama Hare Krishna and I’m the only one followed her and chant together.

  2. Haribol… I had a dream of being on a yacht and a big wave was coming, it was a bit dark out in the wide open ocean… A voice yelled out were going to die! I felt the yacht begin to rise with the wave… I stayed aware afraid as I layed in the bed on the yacht as it began moving with the wave… Faster and faster, I began to chant Hare krsna repeatedly as it rode along… I stayed with chanting and began to feel safe as the yacht was moving fast but not tilting. I new I had to get up and out of the yacht as I did I was able to find a leverage to pull that slowed me right down and stop the movement safely and peacefully. Powerful stuff. Woke up loving krsna and felt gently protected. It’s usually krsna that wakes me up somehow.

  3. Many times I have dreamed that some ghost wants to harm me but cannot harm because I start to chant either Hare Krishna or Hanuman Chalisa. Don’t know the significance of this dream.
    Hare Krishna Hare krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Ram Ram Hare Hare

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