Munificent Lord Caitanya


Tusta Krsna dasa


My dear Lord Sri Krsna,
Blue-hued friend of old,
Thoughtlessly we’ve neglected You—
Our hearts have grown so cold.

Beneath this frigid coldness, though,
A spark of warmth still glows,
And by Your causeless mercy,
Each day this warmness grows.

500 years ago You came
To fan the fire of love
To elevate us, the fallen souls,
Beyond the heavens above.

You came as Sri Krsna Caitanya,
Brighter than the brightest of suns,
And in this garb of golden skin,
Countless hearts You won.

My dear Sri Krsna Caitanya,
When You descended You kindly brought
To innumerable living entities
What all great men have sought.

O merciful expansion,
Brighter than the sun,
O Love of God personified,
With body of golden hue,
So kindly You have done for us
What none other could ever do.

The most sublime opportunity
You’ve given to us, the fallen souls
To quit this material connection
And accept our eternal roles.

Now, as Your lowly servants
Though numbered we are few,
To spread Your glories everywhere
Is what we propose to do.

With the dawning of each day
We loudly chant Your names,
And wherever they are chanted,
Your causeless mercy rains.

And though our hearts be cold and black,
To You we humbly pray
For faith and determination
To melt this cold away.

O most merciful incarnation,
Sweeter than morning dew,
We offer all obeisances,
All obeisances unto You.

Lord Sri Krsna Caitanya
Is kind upon all living souls,
For He took His birth among us
To fulfill our spiritual goals.

When He descended upon this planet
His associates also came—
Sri Advaita and Lord Nityananda,
Chanting the holy names.

With Him came Gadadhara,
An expansion of Radharani,
And Srivasa the pure devotee,
An embodiment of Narada Muni.

He came upon this earth
To bless the human race
With most valuable love of Krsna—
His Divine Grace.

And by His perfect example
In action, deed and word,
He is showing us how to surrender
Unto the Supreme Lord.

Surrender to Krsna means
To become humble and meek;
To dedicate one’s life for
His service Is what all devotees seek.

Further surrender entails
Joining a family of spiritual spectrum,
Relying on Krsna’s mercy
And having faith in His protection.

Accepting things which are favorable
For advancement in spiritual life
And rejecting all things unfavorable,
Be they even home or wife.

By developing these humble processes
One will become surrendered,
And the Lord will surely notice
The service which he has rendered.

For such a serious soul
Who has attained this surrendered stage,
His prayers are always answered—
The desire of every sage.

We should therefore follow in the footsteps
Of such exalted and pure devotees
As Sri Rupa and Sri Sanatana,
Who headed the six Gosvamis.

Directly descending from Lord Caitanya,
There are so many more,
Such as Bhaktivedanta Swami
And his grandfather Gaurakisora.

To Lord Sri Krsna Caitanya
We should pray with humble heart
That by His example of full surrender
We may learn this saintly art.

For one who surrenders thusly
Will receive in this very life
The gift of liberation
And freedom from material strife.

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