Jagannath Puja


by Satsvarupa das

1968-01-19-04This is the topmost opulence
and all the courtiers and fools, jesters, politicos
who ever packed great emperors’ palace rooms,
hobnobbing and scraping before the throne,
are no more than figs to this, the transcendent glory
of my Godbrother Jadunandan and I
sitting before the altar late Sunday,
under the throne of Jagganath Lord of the Universe.

We are servants sitting in the court of
the Supreme. We are here!
Jagganath is worshippable Krishna
—and we are here! All Glories to Jagganath’s kindness!
All Glories to our Spiritual Master, whose mercy has
placed us at Your Lotus Feet, liberated and joyful!
Now, let us refresh You with some service!

—Satsvarupa Das Adhikary

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