Hare Krishna! I am writing to you to express my deep appreciation for the good work you and all the ISKCON devotees are doing, especially in India.

Knowledge? — Letters

Jnana is “book knowledge” or “theory” because it entails the renunciation of all work, the suppression of the senses, and the rejection of the world as false. Vijnana is realized knowledge because it does not come about by mental speculation and the cessation of actions but rather by engagement in active devotional service.


It is so unfortunate that in most parts of India we know very little about Lord Caitanya. All I knew was that He was a very great devotee; I knew very little about His pastimes and sankirtana movement.


We welcome your letters. Write to BACK TO GODHEAD 51 West Allens Lane Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19119 Please send me a copy of your catalog. I found your magazine so enlightening. I especially enjoyed the article on cooking. I tried the recipes at home, and they were delicious. If you have any further information with recipes […]


I am very confused about the pronunciation of the Hare Krsna maha-mantra. If you could properly instruct me on the correct pronunciation, I would very much appreciate that.

Notes from the Editor

More Than Meals: Solving the Food Shortage Some people take a quick glance at the Krsna consciousness movement and conclude that its members are not working to solve humanity’s day-to-day crises. These people tend to think that by chanting the names of God (Hare Krsna), the devotees have become “otherworldly,” “out of touch with reality.” […]

Notes from the Editor

India and America: the Lame and the Blind and the Ties That Bind This year we have witnessed a strengthening of diplomatic ties between India and America. And as the leaders of both nations have pointed out, this closeness reflects even deeper spiritual ties. Said President Carter during his recent tour, “At the heart of […]

Letter from a Hare Krishna Devotee’s Father

My visit was a very moving and I know I will never be the same again. I think you are a tremendously impressive and dedicated group of young men and women, who have dedicated your lives in as total, beautiful, and significant a way as anyone possibly could.


I am a fourteen-year-old student at boarding school who felt an emptiness until I found Lord Krsna. A young man sold me one of your beautiful books for a very reasonable price, and so, being bored, I read it. I agree wholeheartedly with all I read in the book, and I wish I could learn more.


Dear Editor, In my opinion, the name “Rama” is a symbol of standard ethics and principles. When Lord Rama ruled the earth. His life was an excellent example of human behavior toward parents, family, public, friends, and subjects. He revealed the best possible integration of human virtues. His universal affection, prideless sacrifice, and matchless humane […]

Letters: On Materialism and Detachment

Your society recently acquired a twelve-story temple building near Columbus Circle in New York City. Isn’t using a facility like this somewhat hypocritical for an organization that professes detachment from material things?

Letters: What about other Gurus?

I can understand the importance you place on the exalted science of bhakti-yoga and on receiving knowledge through an unbroken chain of spiritual masters, but is there no room for other methods, other religions and other gurus?

Letters: Why are woman considered inferior?

Why are women designated as inferior? If she wishes, a woman can be an author, a scientist, or a theologian. I fail to see how this kind of discrimination can occur in a text of such high, holy wisdom. Can you explain it to me?

Letters — Bhagavad Gita and Violence

Today’s wars are brought about by the political desires of the leaders. An ordinary leader cannot kill and claim he has God’s sanction. However, in the Gita Krishna is personally instructing Arjuna to kill.