Letters to Back to Godhead

Perhaps I misunderstand you, but I feel saddened when it appears to me that you espouse Krishna consciousness as the only path to the realization of God and, moreso, when you denounce as less worthy other philosophies which in fact differ only in aspect and reach the same ultimate goal.

Letter From Rotary International

On behalf of the members of the Rotary Club of Hyderabad and on my own personal behalf, I convey to Your Divine Grace, as well as to your international devotees who accompanied your good self, our thanks for having been so kind as to visit our club at the Ritz Hotel, when you graciously gave us all the benefit of listening to your highly spiritual program, including sankirtana and discourses.

From a Catholic Priest — Letters

Having seen many false things in my life as a Catholic and as a priest, I wanted to be sure that what I saw was genuine. I came to the temple not so much for curiosity as for the purpose of learning something of the secret of the joy and peace I saw in the eyes of those devoted to Krsna.

All Religions are the Same — Letters

Religions are much the same, it appears. The same claims seem to run through all of them: “Believe and obey, and good things will come to you. Don’t ask for proof, but accept religion on faith, for this is the only requirement of God.”

Brahmananda Congragulates BTG — Letters

I have just gone through BACK TO GODHEAD Vol. 19, No. 9, and as I went through the magazine—beginning with Srila Prabhupada’s lecture, which was No. 9. and feel compelled to congratulate you on what a fine issue it is.

From a Gurukula Student — Letters

We want to teach from the vantage point that we are not our bodies, we are spirit souls, there is a God, He has a personality, a form, and we have a relationship with Him. All this is taught along with academics. This is the foundation of a gurukula education.

On Castrating Bulls — Letters

While reading your recent article dealing with cows, I was shocked and hurt to learn that ISKCON castrates their bulls. I feel that this is a horrible thing to do and also unnecessary. Somehow it is hard for me to see how Krsna could sanction this, since He loves cows.

Become Friends With the Devotees–Letters

After becoming friends with the devotees, my whole outlook on life has changed for the better. If people would just try to become friends with the devotees there would be a drastic change for the good of society.