Some Questions to Lord Krishna


(Questions probably not conducive to enlightenment)

From Hayagriva Das Brahmacari (Howard Wheeler)


Is it true
That Thou art blue
And art the Supreme
Godhead too?

I also hear
You like to toy
About Vaikuntha
As Cow Boy.

Swamiji says
You always wear
A peacock feather
In Thy Hair

And that Thy Feet
And colored red
And leave a lotus
Where’er You tread

And that eternally
You play
Upon Thy flute
The Vedic Way.

And that in battle
You gave the Gita
To Arjuna
That we might read ‘er.

But is it true?
May we traverse?
Within Thy Mouth
The universe?

O Lord Divine,
Who dares to doubt it?
Thy cosmos shouts
Thy praise throughout it.


Because, O Lord,
The Milky Way
Is but cow’s milk
You drank one day.

And I believe
We really float
Within Thy Belly
Like a boat.

And time will come
When You’ll discharge
Our galaxy
Upon Thy yard.

Then we’ll look up
To see Thy Face
And Thy true Form
With all its Grace.

“Welcome,” You’ll laugh
And give a kick
And like a cow boy
Play a trick.

Lasso devotees,
Corral and tie
All those who to
Vrindavan fly.

And call to us,
“Come on, ladies!
I’ve made rice, dhall,
And chopaties.”

Then I will know
That it is true
That Thou art blue
And Godhead too.

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