By Satsvarupa Das Brahmacari (Stephen Guarino)

When we go chanting
Hare Krishna
under the blue sky,
with drums and cymbals
through the streets,
who can measure
the essence of that?

From a cloud hung a
waterspout, the sun
was going in and out,
buildings, faces, and
cars, people-seemed the same
stopping to look at us
in awe.
“We are unbustable,” said
He meant when
we chant
Hare Krishna
We are unbustable and made
100% pure
by virtue of the Holy Name
Of Krishna.

This world
like a pit of a fruit
spat out of My Lord’s Mouth
and the uneaten flesh
that clung thereto
became our forest & crops
& the juice the sea
& the Lord spitted the Heavens
And we germs from this Mouth
Oh how Glorious Our Lord
His mere touch Infinite Wonder
Our existence the breath of His Bliss
We the recoil of His Wisdom
And on that one day my Lord
He ate just 1,000 of such
fruits in an hour
as He walked through His garden
toward the place of His bath.

—By Ravindra Svarupa Das Brahmacari
(Bob Lefkowitz)

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