In Praise of the Spiritual Master


In darkness
have I traveled,
In nescience
was I born.
For eons
had I journeyed
In existence

My knowledge
had been covered,
and blind,
In different planes
I’d hovered,
But soon
I lost my mind.

This earthly life confounded
Until he showed the way;
So now all
were astounded
With what
he came to say
The torch of light
he carried
Revealed the truth
at last;
for souls wearied,
Our agony
was past.

has explained
The message
of the Lord;
Now hearts
previously pained
Have heard
the Holy Word.

And thus,
I praise his glories,
Spiritual master kind,
Who has killed my worries-
The Lord he gave
is mine.
All glories to
His Divine Grace!
Before him
I do bow,
For he has put my life in place
And made it
worthy now.

—Pastora Roldan
Los Angeles, California

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