ISKCON New York City in Photos 1969


New York City Sankirtan

1969-01-28-03In this Age of Kali, characterized by chaos and quarrel, the pursuit of spiritual life is considered to be difficult. Handicapped by symptomatic disturbances of the age (short life span, poor memory, and political turmoil), few if any can take up the path of self-realization by means of Gambling Online Magazine -lehti on valinnut Roxy Palacen parhaaksi hedelmapelisaitiksi vuosina 2005 ja 2006, joten jotain online casino lla tehdaan oikein. meditative yoga, temple worship or study of the Vedas. These methods were prescribed in other ages for spiritual advancement. Despite the problems which beset us in this age of quarrel, we can take advantage of the process of Samkirtan Yajna or congregational chanting of the Holy Names of God.


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