Can War Have God’s Sanction?

The news reports of the Falkland Islands War revealed that both Britain and Argentina were confident that God was on their side. During Pope John Paul II’s visit to England, millions of Britons cheered him and prayed with him for peace.

Death: The Traveller’s Nightmare

Death: The Traveller’s Nightmare

By disease, accident or providence every one of us will be forced out of our body for what seems an unknown destination. Death’s stroke doesn’t wait for us to resolve our unfinished business, nor does it heed our careful moves to stave it off. When it’s time to go, you go.

The Myth Of The Innocent Citizen

The Myth Of The Innocent Citizen

The central myth of the whole nuclear disarmament movement—the innocent citizen. These “innocent citizens” surmise that if they can just get Ronnie and Leonid to sit down together the U.S. and the Soviet Union could bury the nuclear hatchet.

Poland’s Double Darkness

General Jaruzelski had just clamped down martial law on Poland, at the instigation and with the undercover help of his Soviet bosses. (There were even reports that some of the “Polish” troops we’re actually Russians in Polish uniforms.) Solidarity was virtually crushed.

Is This Airplane Trip Really Necessary?

The crash of a Boeing 737 jetliner in which 78 people died, raises the perennial question of why people feel compelled to travel so much. Domestically, Americans travel more than a trillion miles every year by air, rail, car, and bus, at a cost of $250 billion.

Pain: The Truth Doesn’t Hurt

Devotees of Krsna recognize pain as a symptom of embodied life, nature’s way of signaling us that since we are eternal beings our presence in a fragile material body is a mistake and that the material body, no matter how well pampered or coddled, is simply a bad bargain.

The Search for Self-fulfillment

Since everyone, no matter how he chooses to define the self, is interested in self-fulfillment, it is of paramount importance to know what the self is. Generally our concepts of the self are vague and speculative; so we often feel unfulfilled, even after attaining our goals.