Transcendental Knowledge, Part 4

In the Fourth Chapter of Bhagavad-gita Krsna explains two main topics to his disciple Arjuna: the first has to do with the nature and activities of the Lord, and the second has to do with the activities of the living entity.

Pure Blue

Jai, Jai Jai! Your energy feels like perfect honey flowing fresh into crimson castles. Higher, higher, we rise up only to greet You, Gopala—sweet beautiful cowherd boy blue.

A Brahmin’s Prayer

Their castles built today should turn to dust As all within this world of matter must. With bitter sorrow torturing their mind, At death they’ll have to leave their loves behind.

Time Will Tell

Time Will Tell

Time will tell the world that never has there been and never will there be One who gave as much as you To set all jivas free. Time will carve your image in the hearts of generations; it was you who gave the answers How to free ourselves from death As the Lord’s eternal dancers.

Srila Prabhupada the Guru

Srila Prabhupada, We haven’t met . . . yet, Or at least not on this plane, For you have gone on to be with Krsna. I remain yet in illusion.

Jagannath Puja

Jagannath Puja

We are servants sitting in the court of the Supreme. We are here! Jagganath is worshippable Krishna—and we are here! All Glories to Jagganath’s kindness! All Glories to our Spiritual Master, whose mercy has placed us at Your Lotus Feet, liberated and joyful!