Solution of Present Crisisses By Bhagwat Geeta


The pernicious tendency of modern civilization has risingly produced a population of the demoniac principles technically known in the Bhagwat Geeta as the Ashuras. There are two classes of people all over the world namely the Suras and the Ashuras. The good, intelligent and the faithful men are the Suras and Ashuras are just the opposite. They are proud, puffed up with vanity of so-called education and wealth, egocentric, foolishly active and void of knowledge to discriminate between good and bad. They do not believe in the existence of a Supreme Authority over the creation of the universe and on the basis of such poor fund of knowledge, such Ashuras engaged themselves in violent activities for the destruction of the world.

The crissises that we are now confronted with, are all man made creations. It is mistake to adduce the responsibility of such undesired crissises to Almighty God. He does not create any one’s action good or bad nor does He induce any such entity to enjoy the results of such actions.

The material Nature works under His direction and She (the material Nature) is always very very unkind to the class of people who are Ashuras. Some of the modern politician’s accusation, of Nature being unkind, is groundless; because She (Nature) always acts like the police for punishment of the Ashuras (Bhagwat Geeta Chap. 7-14 (Sloka) [Bg. 7.14]. That is the symbolic representation by the fighting mood of Mohisasura with Bhagwati Durga. She shall always mercilessly chastise the Ashuras with Her trident to inflict on him three-fold material miseries pertaining the body and mind (Adhyatmik), in relation with other living being (Adhiboutik) and in relation with the dominating influences of Gods (Adhidaibik). The Ashuras cannot avoid such all round attack by Nature because She is as powerful as the Almighty God. She has, however, nothing to interfere with the activities of the Suras who are surrendered souls to cooperate with the plan of God.

The plan of God is laid down by God Himself in the teachings of Bhagwat Geeta. The primary principles of such plan is to distinguish first between spirit and matter. We have heard so many times, the Pacifists speaking of spiritualism as the basis of world peace and we think it is our duty to say something of spiritualism as we find it in the Bhagwat Geeta.

Shree Krishna the Author of the great Indian philosophy Bhagwat Geeta, has elaborately discussed materialism vis-a-vis spiritualism. From Him we can learn that material Nature of which we are now apparently made of, is different from the spiritual Nature of which we are actually the parts and parcels. He has stressed most vehemently in the beginning of the Bhagwat Geeta that the living entity is eternal and does not annihilate on the annihilation of the outward covering of gross body and subtle mind.

To understand this we must know it well that the material Nature is conducted under three modes vis-a vis. material goodness, material passion, and material ignorance. Matter being completely different from Spirit, it will be a mistake on our part to accept material goodness as a substitute for spiritualism. The three modes of material Nature as mentioned above work sometime jointly and sometimes separately.

Prevalence of material goodness is congenial to temporary peaceful atmosphere but we must know it for certain that this sort of material goodness is sure to be disturbed by the other two baser modes. The example of the playing children may be given here. The children while playing together sometimes quarrel with one another and fight. But after fighting for some time when they become tired of such fighting mood, they declare some sort of peace with one another and promise emphatically that thence forward they shall play with peace and amity and shall cease to hurt another.

We may tell the pacifists of the world that the peaceful atmosphere for which they are now so much anxious, cannot be achieved by the dual process of fighting and peace making attempt of the children.

Even the goodness of a saintly charactered man should not be misunderstood as spiritualism…….To be continued.

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