Bhakti, the Perfect Science

Bhakti is as much a science as physics, chemistry or any other science. It is based on observation and experiment, and its results are capable of verification. But bhakti is a transcendental science, and its experiments are of a different nature.

The Path of Bhakti

BHAKTI cannot, strictly speaking, be defined, because it is transcendental. Sandilya, however, defines it as: exclusive and intense loving attachment to the Lord. Bhakti is recognized in Srimad-Bhagavatam as the highest and most satisfying function of the soul.

Vrndavana, the highest paradise

Vrndavana, the highest paradise

VRNDAVANA is the transcendental dwelling place of Krishna. Being a manifestation of His intrinsic energy, it is a part of Himself. It consists like Him of the attributes of existence, intelligence and bliss and is different from the phenomenal world, which is a manifestation of His extrinsic energy.